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Ukrainians fleeing to Canada are becoming homeless or going back because of the lack of support they have received by all levels of government. We need your help to continue growing the support being offered by local communities. This is where it makes the most difference. There is no time to wait.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti


Ukrainian newcomers can easily find housing, employment, and social support


Create a support network across Ontario


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Our Journey

Get to Know Us

In partnership with the local Ukrainian community, we started by addressing essential needs, such as food, clothing, hygiene items, translation, and social support.

Since February 2022, we have grown considerably. Now, Grassroots Response is aiming to expand and offer support to Ukrainian newcomers across Ontario.

During our more than 2 years of operation, we have assessed over 1,550 applications from newcomer Ukrainian families and individuals. The number of new applications is steadily increasing as we continue to grow and Ukrainians continue to arrive.

We hope to collaborate with individuals and organizations to offer support to Ukrainians in their successful settlement in Canada. Through these partnerships, we aim to empower local communities and make a meaningful impact.

We are actively seeking partners to embark on the next stage of Grassroots Response’s journey with us.

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