Frequently Asked Questions

When will Ukrainians arrive in Canada? 

The Canadian Government made changes to their standard refugee application process in order to accept as many Ukrainians as possible, as quickly as possible. This new process is easier, but there are critical gaps that have not been addressed through the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel process. 

Ukrainians wanting to come to Canada must have a place to stay. For those without family members in Canada, it can be difficult to find housing. Additionally, no housing subsidies are being provided by the government for incoming Ukrainians, unlike those provided to those coming to Canada under the traditional refugee process. 

As part of the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel process, Ukrainians must fill out an intimidatingly long form, travel to the nearest centre to get biometrics taken (fingerprints, photos, etc.). Sometimes these centers can be many hours away by vehicle or train. There is a lengthy backlog (several week) in order to get appointments at Canadian biometrics centres.

Lastly, the Ukrainians must have the financial ability to purchase their own plane tickets.

What can you do to help? Please contact your local MP to advocate for simplifying the process of getting Ukrainians to Canada and extending the subsidies normally available to refugees. 

Will they be provided with healthcare?

Currently, the Government of Ontario has not extended healthcare (OHIP) to incoming Ukrainians; meanwhile, other provinces, such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec are providing their provincial healthcare to the incoming Ukrainians. 

What can you do to help? Please contact your local MPP to advocate for the displaced Ukrainians and their ability to access OHIP coverage, as well as faster action on this important decision.