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Finance Literacy Program starts on January 25

The new financial literacy program was created for Ukrainians who need basic knowledge about managing their finances

Program's description: 

Financial literacy is crucial for individuals to make informed decisions and build a stable financial future. Here are six workshop topics that Grassroots Response could consider for the financial literacy program for newly arrived-Ukrainians:

1. Increase your cash flow and debt management
  * Basics of credit score calculation
  *  What can harm your credit score
  * Pointers on credit cards
  * Tips to pay off debt faster

2. Building a strong financial foundation and proper protection
 * different kinds of protection plans &  pros and cons
* How do I choose the best protection plan for me?
* What are the different kinds of cash back or cash value protection plan
3. Basics of Building Wealth 

 * Wealth Formula
* Building wealth tax efficiently with potential growth
* Comprehending the effects of time, tax, and inflation on wealth
* Understanding the diversification of investments

4. Types of investment Plans (RRSP, TFSA & FHSA)
 * FHSA -new government plan for the first home buyers -details & benefits
* RRSP? TFSA? Which is better?
* ways to reduce income tax
* Factors affecting wealth building

5. Retirement Planning 
 * how much government pension can I expect at retirement?
* How to calculate the financial independence number?
* What are ways to reduce the impact of taxes on retirement planning.?
* What are the ways to reduce the impact of taxes on retirement income
6. Estate Planning

* what is an estate?
* Is estate planning only for the wealthy?
* What are the estate planning steps?
* Who needs a will?
* What will happen if someone passes away without a will?

 The program is conducted by an experienced coacher

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The Program is starting on January 25

Please, register for our program.


Будь ласка, зареєструйтеся на програму

Steps for Ukrainian newcomers 

Kindly note that all services and programs are exclusively designed for our clients - Ukrainian newcomers registered with Grassroots Response!


Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що всі послуги та програми призначені виключно для наших клієнтів - новоприбулих українців, які зарєстровані в Grassroots Response.
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