Registering for Schools

If you would like to register your child for school, but are not sure how, a great starting point is to find out which school they will attend. Visit Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region and click on “Which School do I Attend?” and type in your address.

You will need to determine if you’d like your child to attend public school (Waterloo Region District School Board) or Catholic school (Waterloo Region Catholic School Board). Though they are similar in name, the school boards are not the same and the application process is different for each board.

Waterloo Region District School Board

  1. Once you have your work visa, you can apply to the public board here. Need help with your application? Instructions can be found here.
  1. You will then get an email to upload documents such as passports and work visas.
  1. Once that is processed, you will be contacted about filling out a registration form and they will book an interview with you.
  1. At the interview you will be asked to provide proof of residence. This is a problem for many who are staying with family members or hosts. You must provide a bank statement with your home address and a parent name. If you don’t have this, then you must provide two documents:
  • Proof of the host family home address (recent gas, water or hydro bill or bank statement, or property tax bill)
  • A letter, signed by the host, that includes the following:
    • The host’s name
    • The host’s home address
    • Student and parent names
    • Approximately how long the student and family will be living with you, at minimum
    • Your signature and the date of signing

You can email those documents to:

  1. This process takes approximately 1 week to complete. 
  1. In the meantime, email the school principal (find contact information on this list), let them know who is coming and their ages to make first contact.
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Waterloo Region Catholic School Board

  1. The Waterloo Region Catholic School Board (WRCSB) has a handy flowchart to support the registration process [English] [Ukrainian] [Russian].WRCSB understands many Ukrainian families will not have permanent housing yet. WRCSB understands that housing situations may change, so temporary addresses are valid and accepted as the student’s address for the purpose of registering for school.

    Other important information:  

    • All five WRCSB secondary schools offer ESL credit courses and have Multilingual Learner Monitors to teach and support students
    • Most WRCSB elementary schools have a teacher of Multilingual Learners in the building (this is predicated by school needs).
    • WRCSB works in partnership with the YMCA, so several schools have Settlement Workers in the building regularly.  
    • Nutrition for Learning is a staple at all WRCSB sites.
    • All WRCSB sites have the support of Chaplains. 
    • All WRCSB schools are connect to local parishes.

    * Please note, WRCSB is in the process of having their registration form translated into Ukrainian and Russian.

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