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Winter Clothing 

Season: Autumn -Winter 2023.

Program is closed.

Grassroots Response is introducing a program to help Ukrainians ensure they have the necessary winter clothing and accessories

Program's description: 

 We gather applications for winter clothing and accessories from Ukrainian newcomers, and our volunteers collect stuff and then provide Ukrainian families with clothing and gift cards.

Winter is soon approaching, and warm clothing is a crucial necessity for everyone, especially newcomers to our region.

Girl in Pink Coat


We have successfully completed the program for the 2023 season!

This initiative required significant time, resources, and the dedication of dozens of our volunteers. Organizing the process, gathering essential items, and delivering them to Ukrainian families was a complex task. In the end, we successfully provided support to 34 families, comprising 94 individuals, ensuring they are now well-prepared for the cold season.



"This program has been a lifeline for us. As newcomers, we arrived with limited resources, and the support we received has been invaluable. Thank you for making our transition smoother!"


"The generosity extended through this program touched our hearts. My daughter's joy in receiving a new winter jacket is beyond words. Grateful for the warmth and kindness provided."


"Participating in this program has been a game-changer for our family. Despite not being able to get everything we needed, the gift card for purchases was a tremendous help. Unbelievably grateful for this support!"
Winter Weather
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