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Market Guest House 
Гостьовий дім St. Jacobs Market

The guest house is located on a beautiful large property close to the world-renowned Saint Jacobs farmers market, where people from all over the Waterloo region come to shop. All necessary supermarkets, pubs, grocery store,  bus stop, and employment opportunities are within a 15-minute walk.

This house is in partnership with a local group of community members. They are currently waiting for a sponsored refugee family to arrive and while they wait for them to come to Canada they are allowing us to use the house for Ukrainian newcomers in need.

This means we may only have the house for 1 month or we could have it for much more.

Any people entering this house will be supported in finding secondary housing once they leave the house. 

Guest house offers

St. Jacobs Guest House

Capacity: 10 rooms, up to 22 guests.

Accommodation: Free stay including utilities for short-term.


  - Complimentary food (donation-based).

  - Hotel-style rooms.

  - Large backyard.

  - Close to parks, transportation, and markets.

Support Services:

  - Assistance with resume building and job search.

  - General support.

  - On-site English Language Support (ELS).

  - Nearby medical support.

Type: Family house.

Move Furniture

Organize Household Items

Find Additional Donations

Welcome New Guests

Volunteers Urgently Needed to
Families are arriving in the next 2-4 days

Guest house offers

Capacity: 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1 big bedroom in the basement, a kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry and 2 bathrooms: up to 12 guests.

Accommodation: Contact us for the cost which includes settlement and employment support, and utilities.


- Close to employment and grocery stores

- Close to the bus route

Type: Family house.


Specific household items are needed

​The below form show a list of the donations needed at the new house.

This list may take a few days to be updated.

Do not drop off any items before we contact you.

Крок 1.
Для новоприбулих українців


Step 1.
For Ukrainian newcomers


Якщо ви прибули з України по програмі CUAET та потребуєте тимчасове житло,

зробіть Крок 1 - заповніть нашу форму реєстрації (Форма прийому для українських сімей). Тільки після заповнення форми ми з вами звяжемося щодо пошуку необхідного житла.


If you have arrived from Ukraine under the CUAET program and need temporary accommodation, take Step 1 - fill out our registration form (Intake Form for Ukrainian Families). Only after completing the form, we will contact you regarding the search for the necessary accommodation.

Donate Financially

We want to ensure all families have a safe place to live even if they can't afford it. We are fundraising to offset the cost of rent partially or fully.


We currently need assistance with coordinating donations, fundraising and ensuring we have enough people to help with the settlement of Ukrainian guests. (transportation to employment or appointments, helping to find employment, advocating for ensure they are connected with various Regional/provincial services).

Donate Furniture

We are in need of furniture and other items to make the space feel more like home. We have limited storage space so we can only accept the items specifically needed. 

Build Community Support

We believe strongly that in order to ensure these families get off on the right foot they need to feel like they belong. We are looking for volunteers to help build connections within the community. This may look like potlucks, or outdoor activities, or opportunities for the youth to get to know each other. 

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