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Join one of our many teams. Support Ukrainians in Europe by helping them determine if Waterloo Region and SW Ontario is the place for them to live. Connect with and support hosts who have welcomed Ukrainian families. Work with local churches and businesses to create various kits. Help create a safe place to live at one of the new Ukrainian guest houses. Jump into a new initiative with hundreds of volunteers supporting you

Ways You Can Help

Creating Kits or Help Support a Family

Each month we are welcoming dozens of Ukrainian families into Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. Most of the families opening up their homes were not prepared to support 1-6 extra people and they could use the help of our community.

Creating kits: Please do not create these kits before you contact us. If people create them without contacting us we may end up with 100 of one type and none of any other. 

Support for individual families: Do you feel you can help support them in the short or long term? We can try and match you with a family that is of a similar age so that you can better connect.

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