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The organization executes diverse programs throughout the year, adapting to the requirements of recently arrived Ukrainians and external circumstances. Certain programs are offered consistently or seasonally, while others are project-specific.

On the one hand, these programs are established to address the fundamental needs of Ukrainians and aid in their adaptation and settlement processes.

Conversely, the execution of these programs involves a substantial number of volunteers who coordinate processes and establish connections with various state institutions, social clubs, and businesses.

Kindly note that all services and programs are exclusively designed for Ukrainian newcomers registered with Grassroots Response!


Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що всі послуги та програми призначені виключно для новоприбулих українців, які зареєстровані в організації Grassroots Response. Щоби зареєструватися, заповніть форму.

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