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Your generosity and donations are deeply appreciated and make a significant impact.

Our valued community ally, the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Center, handles donations for us as a charitable organization. By choosing the 'Online Donation' button below or donating via cheque, you'll be provided with a charitable receipt.


Donate through the options below and support our cause:

1. Online Donation (Tax Receipt Is Sent To You)

   - Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Center accepts donations on our behalf

   - When you click on Donate you will be directed to the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Center's donation page.

   - You must select "Waterloo Region Grassroots" when it asks "Apply your donation to a fund set up by this charity*"

2. Bank Transfer (No Tax Receipt Is Given)

   - Directly transfer funds through your bank online by sending money to


3. Cheque Donation (Tax Receipt Is Sent To You)

   - Write a cheque to "Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Center" & put our name in the memo section.

   - Mailing Address: 715 Fischer-Hallman Rd #401, Kitchener, ON N2E 4E9.


4. Furniture  Donation 

As Ukrainian families continue arriving in the Waterloo Region, we are reaching out to individuals who have expressed their availability of items.

Kindly complete the Online Item Donation Form

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Let us know if you have made a financial donation and you want it to go to a specific project

Thank you!

Donations are needed

We are a grassroots initiative led by volunteers, complemented by a few part-time employees, operating on limited funds. To meet the housing needs of Ukrainians coming to the Waterloo Region, we aim to raise $8,000 monthly, ensuring no family is turned away

Families often arrive with minimal belongings.

Thanks to the heartwarming generosity of community groups and service clubs, we've been able to provide essentials like welcome baskets, hygiene kits, education kits, household kits, and winter clothing to countless individuals. Furthermore, in the spirit of community, many gracious hosts in Waterloo and Kitchener have opened their homes, offering a beacon of hope to Ukrainians, allowing them the chance to restart their lives.

However, the need is vast and growing. A wave of Ukrainians, holding Canadian visas and bearing the weight of disrupted lives, are expected to arrive in Canada — potentially reaching a million. Many are still desperately searching for a place to call home. We implore you, let your heart and home be their sanctuary. Open your doors to these newcomers; your kindness could be the star that guides them in their darkest hour, the foundation upon which they rebuild. Your generosity could be the beginning of their new journey in Canada. 

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