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May 12, 2023

Waterloo Region, Ontario. Waterloo Region Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

(WRGR), a volunteer-led group of residents helping Ukrainian people fleeing the devastation in their country, is looking for financial support from the community for two new temporary rental guesthouses.

It is an ongoing struggle to find housing for Ukrainian people arriving in our Region. Currently, because they are not considered refugees, they are only provided with up two 2 weeks of accommodation in a government hotel. Canada does offer a one-time sum of $3000 in aid but this is conditional upon completion of an online application and must be deposited into a Canadian bank account. Unless they can find either a rental space or a host to support them, these people often find themselves out on the street with no place to sleep.

WRGR has been fortunate to secure two separate 5-bedroom units from May to August, close to Wilfrid Laurier University. Rental costs for these accommodations have been reduced thanks to kind-hearted landlords and several local volunteers have managed to set up living quarters with a range ofgenerously donated items. Ukrainian families and singles will be sharing these facilities on a short-term basis until they can find work to support themselves and find more permanent housing or alternatively, finding a place with a host family.

Accordingly, WRGR is appealing to our generous community to come forward with donations to help finance the rent. People or businesses can donate at:

Alternatively, please visit our website to learn more about how impactful it can be to be a housing support host for a family. We may also be contacted at or 519-242-8524.

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