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Immigration Waterloo Region

"A settlement worker is your first connection for information and support.

Settlement workers can help you to:

  • Navigate and learn about your new community

  • Provide up-to-date information and resources

  • Assist you in communicating with employers, landlords, social and government services, legal services and more

  • Assist you with filling out forms

  • Provide support and link you with specialized services to help with personal problems or critical situations

  • Translate limited documents related to employment, health, education and legal matters necessary for immediate settlement

  • Connect you to an interpreter

Services are available in a variety of locations across Waterloo Region,.....

For more information about free settlement services, please visit:

  • YMCA Immigrant Services offers settlement support, language training, employment search and many other supports.

  • Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre (KWMC) offers settlement support, interpretation, translation and many other supports.

  • Compass Refugee Centre helps refugee claimants in making refugee claims and other settlement supports.

  • Reception House Waterloo Region supports the integration of government-assisted refugee individuals and families into all aspects of community life after arrival."

  • When You Arrive: Book Free Settlement Support

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  • Emergency and Crisis Support

  • Ethnic Foods and Groceries

  • Explore Waterloo RegionToggle Section

  • Financial and Food Assistance

  • Find Local Services

  • Health Care

  • HousingToggle Section

  • Interpretation and Translation

  • Legal Resources

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  • Refugees

  • Transportation

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