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The story of gratitude from Oksana and Vitaly Prystai

Good day. I want to share with you my impression of coming to Canada. My husband Vitaly and I decided to come to Canada on the CUAET program. There were many reasons for this. And the war in Ukraine, which exhausted our nervous system. Constant worries both day and night, but the biggest thing is that the conditions in the war, according to the military, are terrible, and our son is fighting at the front.

When we arrived at the airport, we were accommodated in a Mississauga hotel. Where to look for housing next? We don't know the language. The man was looking for housing and employment opportunities. Volunteers from Grassroots Response responded to our request for help with family resettlement.

We would like to thank: Oksana Cann, who supports and gives essential advice. Olenka, sorry I don't know the last name, Natali Khvashchevska, to this day sends advice to e-mail. Inna Biliaeva advised and offered Yuriy's services - a wonderful person. He called, explained our needs, and on the first weekend he came to pick us up and arranged many things for our benefit. Yuriy spent almost a whole weekend on us.

Separately, I want to tell about the host Jon Debi Dearden.

We live in their family in Guelph. They accepted us as relatives. All our needs were clarified. We issued OHIP insurance. The owner teaches the husband the rules of the road. He invited another Ukrainian family to visit us so that it would be easier for us morally and to have someone to talk to in our native language.

God bless you all with good health and long life!

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