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Inna's Journey: From Survival to Hope

Inna never thought she will be facing two battles and in her 40s will be in the middle of  her third one.

 10 years ago being a successful woman, mother of the beautiful child and happy wife, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Medical treatment didn’t help and she eventually fell ill. When everyone has already lost hope, miracle happened and God gave her a second chance. Without any treatment she got back on her feet.  But little did she know that as a winner of the first battle, she will faced another one.

Morning of  February 24, 2022 changed her life completely and she with millions of other Ukrainians passed through a second battlefield. Kherson the city where she is coming from, was the first major city, and the only regional capital, to be captured by forces during the 2022 invasion. Several times her family saw unimaginable and one particular time they were one step away from death. Bomb exploded very close to them which eventually made her husband shell-shocked.

Then – long journey of surviving: evacuation from Kherson, moving to Romania, getting pregnant with second child and finally arriving to Canada. 

“We made a decision during two weeks to move to Canada” – she said – “ borrowed money and moved here with hope to start a new life from the very beginning”.

But how to start when unbearable headaches came back, when she, currently pregnant, has shell-shocked husband and 13 years old daughter. No job, no home, no money for medical treatment or simply for food. As soon as Grassroots Response got information about her and her  family struggles, our volunteers immediately reacted. 

“Volunteers, like an angels, showed up right in front of our temporary house with first emergency supplies we desperately needed“.

To getting known about Inna’s story and meeting her and her family personally, our Volunteer Organization can’t stay aside without voicing up Inna’s story. But we are not receiving any funding from the provincial or federal government. Most of our donations come from individual people. That is why, we appreciate any support you can provide to help us continue our important work.

When we asked “Do you feel sad or angry at fate for being in such difficult situation? “ she answered:

“ I Truly Believe what God is sending me to pass through, I should take with gratitude and be thankful that me and my family are still alive”.

And we as a Volunteers of Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis, Truly Believe that you as a community will hear our request for help to raise the money for this incredible and strong woman  and help her and her family to win this last battle - battle of surviving and finally find a little peace on this land.

We encourage people who are considering to be a volunteer for Ukrainians, to reach out to us: 

Please consider donating $25 or opening your home to people in need:

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