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Lone Ukrainian Mom Gives Birth Early After Husband's Tragic Death and Emergency Surgery

Updated: May 2

Waterloo Region, ON - Alina, a 28-year-old Ukrainian woman, has faced unimaginable challenges in the past few months. She fled bombing in her hometown of Zaporizhzhia while six months pregnant, seeking refuge in Canada. However, her struggles did not end there.

Alina's story is one of resilience and strength in the face of adversity. She arrived in Canada alone, with no family or support system, and when she did not know where to find support the settlement organization in Toronto told her about Grassroots Response. They provided her with shelter, food, and emotional support during her pregnancy. However, tragedy struck when Alina's husband passed away before he could join her in Canada.

A month before her baby was due Alina had to undergo emergency surgery that resulted in her giving birth. This added to the emotional and financial strain that Alina was already facing as a single mother in a new country. Grassroots Response, which relies on donations to support individuals like Alina, is in need of funding to continue providing assistance to those in need.

Grassroots has been a lifeline for Alina during her most difficult times, and she is grateful for the support she has received. However, with the added expenses of the emergency surgery and caring for her premature baby, she is in need of ongoing assistance. Grassroots is calling on the community to come together and support Alina and her daughter during this challenging time.

When asked how this strong and resilient young woman managed to persevere she replied: “thanks to all these wonderful people. I am also now needed by someone."

Help us to find a new home for Alina, start working and provide her small family of two by her own. Next, she wants to make plans for the future.

To make a targeted donation to Alina's family of two, go to the special GoFundMe campaign.

To help Alina and other Ukrainians through volunteering, fill out the form on the website.

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