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October 31, 2022

Waterloo Region, Ontario. Ukrainian families are still coming into Waterloo Region. Some have recently arrived and although they may have found employment they are often still in need of a helping hand.

Many mothers are fleeing to Canada with their young children, having to leave their husbands behind.

Mothers like Olga (35 yrs) who has recently arrived in Waterloo Region with her two young children (daughter 11yrs & son 3yrs) along with their grandmother. Through dedication and hard work, Olga has managed to find employment as a part-time PSW but she hasn’t had enough time to earn enough money to pay for housing.

Olga and her family need some extra support from our community for a short time starting in

December, while she saves money to rent a home for her family. Would you be able to welcome them for a short period?

There are other mothers who have either arrived or who are planning to come to our Region over the next few weeks that need additional support. Visit our website to learn more about how impactful it can be to be a host.

Waterloo Region Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis (WRGR) says that the biggest need is finding host families. “If anyone has a spare room in their house, maybe a secondary unit, or maybe a senior struggling and living on their own, they can reach out to us," said Stephanie Goertz, of WRGR.

We are a group of residents in Waterloo Region who are helping support displaced people fleeing the War in Ukraine; we can be contacted at or 519-242-8524.

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