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Ukrainian refugees are coming to Canada by the thousands, a lot of them are just mothers with small children. Government support is minimal, and they need places to stay for several weeks / ~ 3 months while they get their documents in order, find jobs and permanent place to move on to. You can help by hosting them for a little bit, make fantastic friends for life and learn how to cook a few great dishes… More information and sign up:

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Intake Form for Ukrainians coming to Canada

(Форма прийому для українських біженців)


We provide starter kits (to be requested upon arrival).

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Supports in the Region of Waterloo for Ukrainians

(Українські ресурси в регіоні

Food / продукти
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We are a group of residents in Waterloo Region who are helping support displaced people fleeing the War in Ukraine.

Volunteering with this initiative is open to all people and groups interested in providing support. It is an opportunity for residents, businesses, social services, government representatives and community organizations to compile resources to support incoming families, resolve gaps in the immigration/emergency travel system, and collectively develop a plan to address outstanding needs. Tangible supports, such as housing, clothing, food, mental health, and other topics will be discussed at our weekly events.

Ukrainians are entering Canada via the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). This means previously utilized policies that provide subsidies for things like housing are not available to them. This will make it more difficult for immigration services to provide cohesive support — that’s where we come in.

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Laurier Helps Ukraine- November 20’th


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Pathfinders for Ukraine are an organization raising awareness for the urgent need for support for displaced Ukrainians, working with 30+ grassroots organizations across Canada, including the Waterloo Region Grassroots Response.