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Waterloo Region Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

Waterloo Region Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

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Provide Housing
Corporate/Business Sponsorship
Volunteers Needed
Housing Needed
Make a Donation
Corporate/Business Sponsorship

Waterloo Region Residents Welcoming Displaced Ukrainians

Residents in Waterloo Region are meeting to prepare support and resources for the arrival of displaced people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. 

Volunteering with this initiative is open to all people and groups interested in providing support. It is an opportunity for residents, businesses, social services, government representatives and community organizations to compile resources to support incoming families, resolve gaps in the immigration/emergency travel system, and collectively develop a plan to address outstanding needs. Tangible supports, such as housing, clothing, food, mental health, and other topics will be discussed. 

Ukrainians are entering Canada via the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). This means previously utilized policies that provide subsidies for things like housing are not available to the incoming Ukrainians. This will make it more difficult for immigration services to provide cohesive support — that’s where we come in.

Our hope is that this framework will set an example for other regions and can be shared and replicated in communities across Canada.

Upcoming Events


  • Housing Team – We are looking for more homes (mobile homes, secondary units, cottages)
  • Partnership Team – How can clubs, organizations, and businesses partner with us?
  • Resource Team – What resources are we organizing and how can you help?
  • Support the Ukrainian Community – Support the Ukrainian Vigil on Saturday, April 2, 2:00 pm, Center in the Square. There are still ways you can help with this event.
  • Support a Community Group – Need to help find space and build a team for a local group coordinating donations.
  • Support a Community Group – Help coordinate efforts to find a way to bring Ukrainian Orphans to Waterloo Region
  • Resource Available- Ask an expert: How to complete the Canada-Ukraine authorization for an emergency travel application

Register: March 31
Register: April 22
Register: May 12
Register: April 8
Register: April 28
Register: May 20
Register: April 14
Register: May 6
Register: May 26

Waterloo Regional Grassroots Response

Mission Statement

To build grassroot initiatives in Waterloo Region to support displaced Ukrainians.

Vision Statement

To support displaced peoples as they are welcomed to Waterloo Region.


Partnering with community organizations to centralize support initiatives and bolster community support towards areas of need for displaced Ukrainians and those affected by global conflict.

Keeping you in the Loop!


Click here to view the upcoming events that we are doing to help support displaced Ukrainians and those that support them.

How To Help

Want to donate or get involved in our efforts to help to support displaced peoples as they are welcomed to Waterloo Region? Click here to see how you can help!

Organization Links

Often times we just need some information that can help! Here are some links that may be useful. Check them out!

Corporate Sponsorships

We are partnering with community organizations to centralize support initiatives and bolster community support towards areas of need. Click here to view.

Housing Needed

Today there are almost 3 million Ukraine people who have been forced, or made the painful choice, to leave their home. These refugees leave behind everything familiar to seek safety from war.
TOGETHER WE CAN HELP! Click here for More information.

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Question & Answer

We are community members from across Waterloo Region that believe that if we come together we can offer a warm welcome to the displaced Ukrainians fleeing war. Our volunteers and partnerships are growing very quickly. It has been amazing to see the outpour of support.

Thank you for completing our volunteer form! We are so excited by the number of people who want to make a difference. Our group only started at the beginning of March and we are trying to find all the ways everyone can be involved. If you have not heard from us please know that we have not forgotten about you. We are trying to find the best ways to bring you onto the team. If you are very eager to become involved and are able to help coordinate please email us directly. This will help us to onboard more volunteers. wrgrassrootsresponse@gmail.com

We have been hearing from a lot of people that they have clothing, furniture and appliances to donate and they want to know where to deliver them. Currently, because of the application process, the number of Ukrainians able to come to Canada is not as much as many of us had expected and because of this, we have held off on accepting tangible donations.

If you are an organization or service clubs in the community and would like to work with us on this please reach out.

The Canadian Government changed their application process. Yes, it is easier than the process before but many of us still don’t believe it is easy enough. Ukrainians wanting to come to Canada needs to have a family member here. They then have to complete a new application form that can be intimidating to many. The family member in Canada also needs to prove that they have the financial ability to care for the Ukrainian family and finally the Ukrainian family needs to make their way to a Canadian office to get their fingerprints and photo’s complete. There is a several-week backlog in this process. Finally, this family has to have the financial ability to buy their own plane tickets.

Currently, also, Ontario is not offering healthcare to incoming Ukrainians; meanwhile, other provinces are.

Contact your local MP and MPP if you believe these should be changed.

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