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120 Ukrainians Urgently Need Housing this Week

Grassroots Response is pleased to announce that our volunteer movement is now expanding throughout Ontario and we are looking for communities to work with.

Ukrainian newcomers fleeing the war and entering Canada before the March 31, 2024 deadline are being turned away from the 2 weeks government assisted hotels.  The number of requests for our help with housing has significantly increased over the past 4 weeks with an average of 10 requests a day. We need to find additional communities across Ontario where we can connect these newcomers with. Ukrainians are arriving in Canada seeking safety and a new life for themselves and their families; however, they are facing significant challenges once they arrive since they are not categorized as refugees by the government and do not receive the same support.

For example 2 weeks ago a newly arrived family of 7, with a daughter 7 years old and four sons between 7-18 years, arrived. With no knowledge of English, no knowledge of where to find work and absolutely no understanding of where to go after their free 14 days of government assisted hotel ends, they turn to us for help.

On March 6 we connected with the community of Kirkland Lake, with jobs, housing, and a community to help. On that same day we connected them with this family and others with the hope of finding a new home.

$200,000 fundraiser to ensure we can help everyone who reaches out to us for help.

Whether you want to become a foster family or rent out your home to multiple families, it couldn't be easier.

Our volunteers are constantly present at Pearson and Hamilton airports, ready to support people and families in need but we are filling up all of the spaces we have.

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