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2023 Newcomer Landlord Award

The annual Waterloo Region Newcomer Landlord award recognizes landlords who go above and beyond to provide affordable housing solutions for recent immigrants and refugees. It is run by the Immigration Partnership: Waterloo Region.

Last year Lisa Haskins, one of Grassroots founding volunteers, was 1 of the 3 people to receive the award. Grassroots nominated over 30 hosts for the award this year. These were hosts that went above and beyond and made a significant impact in the lives of newcomers, either hosting multiple families at one time, accepting families with only a few hours notice, or dedicating a significant amount of time to helping the newcomer with employment, social support, and finding secondary housing.

This year we are happy to announce that 2 of the 3 winners were from Grassroots. Everyone who is involved with Grassroots can testify to the amazing impact of our hosts.

Award Winners

Bill Hall

“Bill not only provided affordable housing to this family, he supported them with their settlement needs, job search, visa corrections and schooling for the kids to name a few. He helped them settle in Canada so they did not have to return to their country, which is at war. “My experience has shown me that newcomers to Canada are extremely motivated and hardworking. I am enjoying the culture they bring and the friendship we have developed. I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to provide short or long term accommodations to newcomers, please do so. You will find it very satisfying and rewarding.”

Zain Valani & Nancy Morales

“He and his wife have experienced themselves the challenges of being newcomers, this and the current worldwide situation, motivates them to keep supporting immigrants, “I don’t think one needs more compelling motivation to offer help, than to see, thousands of innocent people, women, children, elderly, and men, being displaced, due to political upheaval in their country. It speaks to your core, heart and conscience.”.. “Zain and Nancy have not only offered affordable rental units at a discounted rate to newcomers, but has also offered employment opportunities to them”..”They also partnered with the Waterloo Region Grassroots Response to the Ukrainian Crisis to create a 3- month short-term emergency accommodation. “We have coordinated with the local church and with Steph Goertz, of the Waterloo Region Grassroots Response (WRGR), and our experience has been a very positive one. They have really been amazing! I encourage you to do the same.”

You can read the full document here

Grassroots wished that more of our hosts could have been recognized and is considering doing our own award ceremonies. Sign up to our newsletters to stay up-to-date.

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