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Easter Monday at Hespeler Guest House: Bringing Families Together through Hard Work and Warm Celebration

On Easter Monday, everyone at Hespeler Guest House gathered in the garden not to admire blooming flowers, but to roll up our sleeves and spruce up the space. We chopped old trees, bushes, and branches. We swept the lawn, painted the fence, and planted flowers. We helped each other out, laughed, and chatted.

In the end, Easter Monday at Hespeler Guest House wasn't just about tidying up the garden; it was about coming together as a community, building personal connections.

As the sun set, we gathered around a big festive table to enjoy delicious food prepared by Ukrainian women. We invited all the volunteers from Hespeler and celebrated together.

Easter Monday ended with friendly conversations among friends. We all felt like part of one big international family. People who know how to help and support each other.

We encourage people who are considering to be a volunteer for Ukrainians, to reach out to us:

Please consider donating $25 or opening your home to people in need:

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