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Family loves dancing, drawing & embroidery without a home on March 27

Today on March 27, 4:24 pm we received a request from a family with two children between 6-14, who had nowhere to go.

At 4:36 pm a volunteer was calling them to ask them how we can help

At 4:42 pm a summary of the family was released to over a half dozen volunteers monitoring the clients profile.

We were told that they were in Mississauga and went to COSTI in Toronto for help because they had nowhere to live.

They had arrived 2 weeks ago and lived in Milton for 1 week and Mississauga for the second. During this time they struggled to find a place to rent and employment and now they were seeking help.

COSTI directed them to us.

The mother is an economist and lawyer and the husband makes furniture

With minimum English they will struggle to find employment and there will be virtually no way the mother can practice as a lawyer.

At 4:47 pm our team of volunteers agreed to welcome them at one of our guest houses and at 4:50 pm we were confirming with them.

They will arrive tonight and have a safe place to live and dozens of volunteers actively helping them to decide the next steps in their settlement in Canada.

Tonight they will be welcomed with a meal and have a warm place to sleep. Tomorrow volunteers will ask them how we can help and if they want we will go with them to register their children in the local school.

**** In order to keep our Ukrainian Support Program running we need additional donations. Without us this family may have ended up in the Ontario Homeless System. Please help families like this. Please share and ask them to donate even $25 to help families like this.

Please also consider offering employment or signing up to be a host.

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