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Newcomers arriving through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) visa are not categorized as refugees, and therefore do not receive the same shelter or financial support.  Although almost 1.2M people have applied, barely 220,000 will have arrived under this severely inadequate program before the entry deadline occurs on March 31st, 2024.  We are seeking your help to prevent them from becoming homeless and instead help them create a sustainable life in Canada.


Newcomer Vitali spent three nights at Pearson Airport with no place to go.  On the final night, his belongings and documents were stolen, leaving only his mobile phone. With the help of volunteers at Grassroots, he has since been accommodated in a Cambridge guest house and is being helped with the restoration of his passport and donations of clothing.


In response to heartbreaking stories like Vitali’s, Grassroots has organized an emergency GoFundMe campaign to help ensure that Ukrainians fleeing war do not become homeless in Ontario. The fundraising goal of $200,000 will be directly used to quickly help as many newcomers as possible with housing, social support and employment.  Further information can be found at:

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