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Introducing Initiatives for Newcomers in Ukraine: Grassroots Response Unveils New Programs

We are pleased to announce that Grassroots Response is opening a list of programs

for Ukrainian newcomers. These programs include furniture provision, winter clothes

provision, English courses for beginners, and Christmas gifts for children.


Believe it or not, but a lot of Ukrainian newcomers don’t have the ability to

purchase such a basic need as furniture for their homes. With the housing prices being

so high, people cab barely afford to have a roof above their heads. With this in mind, we

launched a program with which we aim to help the newcomers with setting up their new

homes with furniture. Grassroots Response offers a collecting point where people can choose

and pick the furniture up, but we also offer delivery straight to their addresses.


With the winter already at our doorstep, it is crucial we help those in need of

warm clothing. Grassroots Response has successfully executed this program at the onset of the winter season in 2023.


Coming to Canada can become very challenging, especially for the refugees

from Ukraine. Unfortunately, a lot of newcomers don’t know English on the level

required to live and work in Canada. Our mission is to help such people with the

language barrier and give them a basis of knowledge, that will serve them well in their

future years of assimilation. Providing the courses will ensure a safe future in Canada

and a great start of a learning journey in a new country full of opportunities.


Last, but certainly not least, we have a program that will bring joy to Ukrainian

homes. Christmas is almost here, and unfortunately, a lot of families from Ukraine can’t

afford gifts for their beloved young ones. Grassroots Response will be delivering presents to

such families on December 17. Until than, the volunteers worked hard collecting the

Christmas wishes, getting them all nice and wrapped up, and signing out the cards to

bring happiness to the kids who almost forgot what it feels like.

Our organization kindly asks everybody who cares to support our projects by

donating money or items that are needed to help. Only with your support we can reach

the set goals and make our fellow Ukrainian brothers and sisters lives better. Everything

you will do is of great help to us, and we are thankful to our volunteers without whom

nothing would have happened. Thank you and Glory to Ukraine! Слава УкраЇні!

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