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IRCC is forced to redirect Ukrainian newcomers to the Cambridge due to a shortage of rooms in Toronto hotels.

Because so many are arriving IRCC has been forced to start sending Ukrainian newcomers to a Cambridge hotel which is outside the boundaries they normally support. That is why local settlement agencies were not informed beforehand about this decision, unfortunately.  In fact, people have only been given a room for 14 days and limited assistance. What are they supposed to do next?


Our volunteers have already confirmed that 30 rooms are occupied in the hotel, and we are actively working to gather additional information about the needs of these individuals. Our goal is to ensure they are provided with housing, food, clothing, and other essentials for living.


Galina (pictured below) arrived in Toronto on March 20 with three children between 13 and 21 years old. There are no relatives in Canada, no one in the family speaks English. On April 3, Galina must leave the hotel and she has no idea where to go. Therefore, she was very happy with the help and all the information that the Grassroots’ volunteers brought her.


We urge the community to join our efforts in providing assistance this family. Please join our WhatsApp group Grassroots Response to stay updated on the needs of Galina’s family. We encourage people who are considering to be a host for Ukrainians, as well as local companies able to offer any employment opportuniies, to reach out to us.

Please consider donating $25 or opening your home to people in need:

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