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Ukrainian Youth Unity Event

The tragic events that have been happening in Ukraine have impacted many people, families, children, and even pets. Teenagers are no different, and the impact of the war has been tough on them. Families were forced to move to different countries and take their beloved children with them. While younger kids can process it a lot easier, teenagers are the ones who get devastated the most. When moving to a different country, especially against their will, young adults face many issues, like settling down, going to school, learning a new language, and especially finding new friends and socializing. This can be a very big challenge for teens, with some of them not being able to overcome it on their own.

Due to all this, Grassroots Response decided to act and help the young adults in probably the most complicated period of their lives. We have partnered up with CUSC (Conestoga Ukrainian Students Club) to help the youth of Waterloo region overcome their biggest challenge and help them find new friends, have fun, and become a part of the community.

To achieve this, we hosted an event on Saturday, May 16th, in the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration. And let us tell you this: it has been an absolute blast! The students from Conestoga College have organized a fun and engaging game night for everybody who wants to attend. The event included a short introduction for everybody to get more comfortable, an icebreaker, and a designated time for board games and connection. While the event was planned to last around 2 hours, it ended up taking up 4! They played board games with their peers, and all had supervisors from CUSC to help guide them throughout the event. After around an hour everybody became friends and had a great time with each other. After the board games guys had some time for talking, connecting, having some snacks with tea, and asking any questions they had for the students.

Even though this was an experimental event, the attendees were asking for more, and from now on we are for this to be the next Grassroots’ Program for Ukrainians on a regular basis.

Overall, the event turned out to be a great success, and we are proud to say we have achieved what we had planned. Thank you to the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration, and Father Yaroslav personally. Also, thank you to all the amazing people who joined the event and have made this all a great enjoyable experience overall. We will continue to host and grow our great initiative, and we wish for it only to get bigger and more fun in the future!

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