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Volunteers Gathering at Grassroots Market House.

Updated: 6 days ago

In early June, one of the Grassroots guest houses hosted a wonderful BBQ party. Volunteers and residents from all the houses, the Grassroots team, and host families came together for this fun event. Let's say, it was all Grassroots community!

We grilled Ukrainian kebab (shashlik), enjoyed delicious beet salad (vinaigrette), and washed it all down with a Ukrainian cold beverage (compote). The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, making everyone feel at home. A highlight of the event was a workshop on making potato dumplings (varenyky). Everyone got a chance to try their hand at it and then enjoyed their culinary creations. After that, we learned to dance the Ukrainian polka - the dance of the Cossacks! It was great fun, and everyone had a wonderful time.

We are informing you that all of our 8 Guest Houses in the region are currently filled with Ukrainian newcomers, and we continue to receive applications. If you are considering renting out your home to hardworking and wonderful Ukrainians, please fill out the application.

The barbecue party at Grassroots was a fantastic way to bring everyone together, chat, and have a great time.

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