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Volunteers quickly help to ensure families are not homeless.

March 26, 2024

A family of 5 ( mother, father, grandmother, and two young children) with nowhere to go reached out to a Greater Toronto Area settlement service on March 26 after being in Canada for 2 weeks at a government-paid hotel.

The organization could not help them with housing so they phoned us to ask if we could. We said yes right away but we can only keep helping families like this if we keep receiving donations.

Once their application was in our system our volunteers quickly found a safe place for them to go. We started preparing their room and getting ready to welcome them.

Today our volunteers spent time understanding how we can help them. One of the first steps was getting medical attention for one of the family members, as well as finding them food and clothing.

We will provide an update on this family in the future but if any children in Cambridge like playing football these children would love to play with them and if anyone has any Ukrainian books the parents would love to read.


Financial donations are needed so that we can keep supporting families so quickly.

We know we are making a difference and we need your help.

Please consider donating $25 or opening your home to people in need

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