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WR Grassroots presents multiple employment and housing opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we have begun working with Construction Ontario and Stubbes to provide a range of employment and housing opportunities

Stubbes, a family-owned company and a prominent leader in the concrete industry is in immediate need of hiring construction personnel. These positions are suitable for newcomers.

Construction Ontario offers innovative services and assists in securing employment within the construction industry.

WR Grassroots helps in connecting Ukrainians with these companies and subsequently aids them in finding suitable hosts.

If you have an interest in pursuing employment opportunities in the construction industry, kindly fill out the online form available on our website. In the "What job are you looking for?" field, please specify "Work at Stubbes." Our partner, Construction Ontario, will reach out to you, providing information about the subsequent steps in the process. Furthermore, we will offer our assistance in locating a suitable home for living for you.

We are committed to assisting you in securing a suitable position.

Important Note: Please be aware that only applications submitted through the online form will be taken into consideration.

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